Are you spending your hours worried about being sick or are you spending your time supporting your health? Are you reading everything you can find about symptoms and sick people, or are you reading stories of people who are using their time to reconnect with family and enjoying their down time? Are you spending your time allowing fear of the unknown to rob you of happiness, or are you spending your time thinking of the love & beauty in the world? If you have followed Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer or any of the other metaphysical practitioners of our time you have heard, “Where your energy goes, so goes your life.”

There are no guarantees in life, and we have no idea of exactly how world events will play out. But we do have control of how we act, what we think and how we view opportunities. We are being given the opportunity to be fearful or to be grateful. Which choice are you making?

A large part of the world is in quarantine or near quarantine right now. Some people seem to believe that if we all stay inside for two weeks the virus will have run its course and no longer be a threat.  In reality, we have been asked to limit our exposure to each other for two weeks to reduce the rate at which the virus is spread. “Flatten the curve” is what officials are calling it.  Eventually, the vast majority of us will be exposed to the virus, and those of us who are healthy will most likely survive.  Here’s the question, are you spending this gift of time focusing on your health?

Right now, is a great time to build up you immune system and improve your health. Here are four areas that you can work on that can help you be prepared for whatever life brings your way.

SLEEP  Turn off the TV, shut down your computer and leave your phone in the other room.  Get eight or nine hours of sleep every night, or more if your body says it needs it. 

EXERCISE   There are a variety of exercise videos available online, everything from easy stretching to HIIT – high intensity interval training.  You can do many of these workouts with little or no equipment or special clothing. If you haven´t exercised much in the past, choose an exercise that allows you to warm up, breathe hard for 15-20 minutes, cool down and stretch.  Remember, you can always modify the activity when it gets to be too difficult, but keep on moving.  Hang in there and each day you will be able to do more and more. You might even find that you sleep better too.

DIET    I don’t know how many times I have said this but here it goes again.  EAT COLORFULLY!  And I don´t mean neon colored drinks or artificially colored snacks.  I mean a variety of fruits and vegetables.  Your plate should be packed with loads of veggies, a little protein and a small serving of whole grain carbohydrates.  I’m not advocating a specific diet, just eat REAL food. Give your body the nutrients it yearns for and stop putting in trash.  Yes, your body naturally detoxifies, but do you really want it using precious energy getting rid of your trash when it could be using that energy to keep you healthy?

Proper hydration is part of diet. Get enough liquids.  Drink water, unsweetened tea, freshly made juices and MORE WATER.  Yes, you’ll make more trips to the toilet, but hell you’ve got that stash of toilet paper, use it. Help your body move the toxins out of your body and keep yourself hydrated.  You’ll notice I didn´t say wine, beer or hard liquor.  If you feel the need for these choose ONE glass with a meal.  Sit and enjoy it as you enjoy your food. Alcohol does NOT hydrate, and it does require your liver to work harder.  If you choose to enbibe, do so sensibly.

SPIRITUAL STRENGTHENING     Connect with your inner self.  Quiet your monkey mind and allow your body to relax.  Our inner selves know what we need.  Make time to just be and to listen. Whether you choose mindfulness, meditation, tai chi, or chi gong you can find a program online, or download a book to help you.  Finding peace of mind is as important to health as all of the above.

Set aside the fear that has been driving you. Take control of your life.  Remember, we cannot control others, and we cannot control what happens around us.  We CAN control our reactions to those things.  Will you react with fear, or will you act in love?