When you brushed your teeth this morning did you do it out of fear or out of love? Really!

Did you brush your teeth because you were worried about cavities? Did you worry about tartar? Were you afraid they weren’t white enough?

Now, consider brushing your teeth because you love the way they feel when you finish.  You run your tongue over your teeth, look in the mirror and smile, grateful for the the teeth you have and the opportunity to take care of them.

Can you feel the difference of these two experiences? That is the difference between living your life acting out of fear or acting out of love.  When you make the shift in mindset everything changes – but doesn’t.  You still wash the dishes; you still fold the laundry, and you still clean the bathrooms. What changes is the way you feel. Instead of dreading your day filled with things you have to get through so you can veg out at the end of the day, you begin to love your day, your entire day. You see the world around you differently. You find time to notice the small joys you’ve been missing. When you act from love instead of fear you don’t need to veg out at the end of the day. There’s nothing to run away from.  You are fully in your life and loving it.

Begin today.  Choose one of those mundane activities that irritates you and do it from a place of love. Consider unloading the dishwasher out of love. Love that you have dishes.  You’ve had food to eat.  You have clean dishes that stack neatly in a cupboard ready for your use. Be present with the activity. See the dishes, the sizes, shapes and colors. Feel that they are clean, and yes, wipe the water from the bottom of the cups, stack the plastic containers, one always missing a lid, and straighten out the forks so that they stack neatly in the drawer. Try it!  You’ll be surprised how your day changes.

Act out of love and your day will be filled with love.