You know the old story about the guy who couldn’t get his donkey’s attention until he took a 2×4 to it?  Let’s just say, I’ve been an ass lately, and my body has finally had enough of it.

All of those Facebook posts about “yummy” foods were real, really hurting my body.  A cup of coffee here or there.  A dessert once in awhile.  A little bit of bread.  My body seems to be able to compensate for these things, even if they aren’t in my best interest.  (My body thrives on a fresh paleo diet.)

Anyway, at 4:30am this morning my body said, ENOUGH!!!  Commence stomach ache.  Cue the sore muscles that can’t get comfortable.  Follow with migraine headache.  OK, you got my attention.

Today is detox and recovery day.  I began with my mint lemonade, followed by a low impact cardio workout that made me one sweaty mess.  A little bit of stretching and a wonderfully alkalizing smoothie and I’m already feeling better.


Lemons and cucumbers are a great ways to alkalize.  Apples are full of fiber.  Parsley is great for helping to remove heavy metals from the body and honey helps heal digestive issues. Yep, I need all of these.

I think it’s time for a nice hot shower, a short meditation period and then another smoothie – gotta use the other half of the apple, lemon and cucumber.

Moral to the story, listen to my body before it hits me over the head next time.