Still feeling a bit sluggish from all of the partying over the holidays?  Ready to have more energy and lose a little of the heaviness in your gut?  It’s easier than you think.  A few tweaks to your diet for a week and you’ll feel the difference.  Follow the plan for two weeks and you’ll see the difference.  Follow the plan for three weeks and others will notice the difference.  Choose to make these changes a way of life and you will change.

Here are two lists to guide you.


  • sodas, regular and artificially sweetened
  • coffee, or at least cut back to one cup a day
  • red meat and pork
  • alcohol, that’s liquor, beer, & wine


  • fresh juices, especially green ones
  • green tea, matcha is the best
  • green smoothies, that’s a little fruit with bunches of greens
  • kombucha, fermented tea available in the health sections of many grocery stores, or make your own
  • herbal teas, there are so many to choose from and most are naturally sweet
  • lemon juice & water, great way to begin your day
  • zippy water, feel like you’re at a spa
  • something raw at every meal, green salads go with almost everything

Pamper Yourself:

  • Take a hot epsom salts bath.  Drink a cup of chamomile tea while you soak and you’ll be a whole new person when you’re done.
  • If you don’t have a tub or can’t find time for a bath, try an epsom salts foot soak. Especially nice after a long day on your feet.

MOVE! Things Around:

Make time to get the blood pumping through your body.  A heart-pumping sweat is great, but not necessary.  Try a few of these ideas.

  • Take the steps, both up and down.
  • Park in the back of the parking lot
  • Stand up when you’re talking on the phone.  Most phones are cordless, so walk around.
  • Stretch.  Yes this helps move the blood around AND loosens your connective tissues.
  • Bounce on a rebounder.  You can even watch TV while you do it.

Set Your Intention:

We become what we think we are.  Begin today to think of yourself as happy, healthy and able to live a life filled with joy and energy.  Instead of telling yourself that these healthy guidelines are too hard, remind yourself that you’re worth the effort. Begin with one new thing today and keep changing until the new you appears.