I’m sure you’ve read a ton of new year’s resolution posts and messages for creating a new you.  You’ve probably also been overwhelmed by all of the changes you “need” to make in 2017.  This year, instead  of making resolutions for change, consider making a list of the things you do for yourself because you love yourself.

My list is below.  I actually wrote it before the new year in response to an article I had read at the time.  I ran across the list again today and thought, “this is something I need to hold on to.”

The lesson to love myself came to me late in life.  It was during my search for health that I finally realized I couldn’t really be healthy until I loved myself. The next question was, “what does loving myself look like?” For me this is what love looks like.  After you’ve read my list take some time to write your own list.

Because I love me I:

  • eat healthy foods
  • exercise regularly
  • get regular sleep
  • read interesting literature that allows me to expand my vision of the world and feel positive
  • have friends who are positive and open-minded
  • meditate
  • love other people and allow them to live their own lives
  • give whole-heartedly to others, WHEN I am asked